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Cambria Financing

In partnership with Cambria, you can receive a loan of up to $75,000 to remodel using their high-quality and natural stone surfaces.

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Apply and qualify for up to $75,000!

That’s right, start planning which financial program to choose from. There are two financial ways:

1. Same-as-Cash Program

With this option, you can pay within 12 months without any interest and no monthly required payments.

The Code to use loan option is: CUF434

2. Low Monthly Payments Program

sing this option gives you the chance to pay in equal amounts a monthly fragment of the loan.

The Code to use loan option is: TFCB32

There is no penalty for early payoff, and it is as low as 8.99% to 14.99$ fixed APS, based on creditworthiness. It is up to $75,000, the same as the first program. Depending on your loan amount, the repayment terms vary from 12 to 144 months.


The first payment will be due 150 days from the application day and each month after that.

The good news doesn’t stop right there! The benefits of this program include:

  • Secure paperless application 
  • Credit decision in minutes 
  • No down payment required 
  • No payment penalties 
  • No application fees 
  • No closing costs 


Traditional Installment Loan

Here is a chart to see an estimated of how much you will be paying monthly from the loan you need:

Loan AmountEstimated Monthly Amount
$4000$64 – $77 : 7 years
$10000$127 – $161 : 10 years
$15000$171 – $225 : 12 years
$20000$227 – $300 : 12 years
$30000$341 – $450 : 12 years
$50000$569 – $750 : 12 years
$75000$853 – $1125 : 12 years

How To Apply

You can either apply by phone or online. 

To apply by phone call, you have to call at 1-888-740-2986!

The Contractor ID is 1002 and then you can choose which Loan Code you want! 

Same-as-Cash Program: CUF434

Low Monthly Payments Program: TFCB32

To apply online, click the button below. Fill the form with the information required.

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